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Woman Steals Ambulance; Crashes Ambulance; Burns up Ambulance -Unfortunately Lives Anyway

A 37-year-old woman was arrested this week for stealing an ambulance in San Francisco and then crashing it on the Treasure Island exit ramp during a police chase.

The woman, identified as Veronica Barahona, jumped into the San Francisco Fire Department Paramedic Unit at about 8:00 Tuesday Morning on Mason Street and took off at high speed through city streets, said Officer Grace Gatpandan, a San Francisco police spokeswoman.

 The ambulance had been left running while Paramedics responded to an emergency call for service at the Ambassador Hotel.

San Francisco Police used the vehicle’s GPS tracking system to locate the driver as she careened through city streets and sideswiped multiple cars vehicles. Barahona led police on a chase over the bottom deck of the Bay Bridge, police said, where she took a hard left turn onto the Treasure Island  off-ramp. She lost control of the ambulance and slammed up and over a concrete barrier. Their it burst into flames. That was when the crazed woman jumped out and ran, police said.

She was quickly caught and booked into San Francisco County Jail.




Drug-Pushing Doctors and Their ‘Pill Mill’ Games: Will it Never Stop?


In Dallas an MD who operated a sham, cash-only clinic has exhausted his legal appeals and will continue to sit in a federal prison cell for another 11 years.

Doctor Nicolas A. Padron, who had lived in the Dallas suburb of Garland, was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Barbara Lynn to 87 months last October. Padron had wisely changed his “not guilty’ plea to “guilty” in September 2013, to Conspiracy to Distribute Narcotics. Judge Lynn then ordered the wayward physician to forfeit all bank accounts; two luxury cars; his home and a boat,

U.S. Attorney Sarah R. Saldaña of the Northern District of Texas, announced that the prosecution proved its case, that Padron and co-conspirator Jose L. Martinez opened Padron Wellness Clinic, located at 1000 Emerald Isle Drive in Dallas in October 2010. PWC’s sole function was to operate as a “pill mill” – a lucrative drug dealing center on the pretense of a clinic. Martinez, age 54, was convicted at trial in February 2014 on conspiracy to unlawfully distribute narcotics and is awaiting sentencing.

Others involved who were also sentenced:

  • Joseph Austin, age 60, was sentenced to seven years
  • Patricia A. Bryant, age 60, was sentenced to four and a half years
  • Dennis J. Wade, age 36, was sentenced to 21 months
  • Allen C. Burkins Jr., age 43, awaiting sentencing

All four acted as drug dealers recruiting fake “patients,” many from homeless shelters, driven in minivans in groups to the so-called clinic. The dealers would routinely walk the people into the clinic, coordinate with Martinez, and pay cash for the office visits. Doctor Padron would often see several patients at the same time in an exam room, where they would be issued 30-day prescriptions for 120 pills of hydrocodone and up to 90 pills of alprazolam. Padron would ‘diagnose” the drug users and sellers with “lower back pain” and
“anxiety disorder.” Treatment was non-existent, and the “prescriptions” were medically unnecessary and outside the scope of his professional practice.

The co-conspirator dealers would then drive groups of patients to Urban Independent Pharmacy, located at 6300 Samuel Blvd., in Dallas, to get the prescriptions filled. Convicted co-conspirator and pharmacist Lisa Hollier, age 44, of Sunnyvale, owned and operated the pharmacy. She would fill the bogus prescriptions without question. She was convicted last year and given a five-year term in federal prison.

At Urban Independent Pharmacy, Lisa Hollier would accumulate large amounts of hydrocodone and alprazolam in pre-filled containers, to meet the demands of all the customers pouring in from the make-believe medical clinic. The dealers would give money to the street people to pay for the drugs in the parking lot. After Hollier filled the prescriptions, the street people would give the dealers the pills, which they sold on the street for a profit. the homeless folks would be driven back to where they had been found, with a little cash in their pockets.

Daffy Doc Padron is already serving time on an unrelated case, one in which his role as the “medical director” of something called A Medical House Calls, got him into trouble. In that scam he paid doctor visits to Medicare patients in their homes; made up medical problems; charged their insurance to fix the imaginary conditions. At trial, Padron was also ordered to repay the $9,000,000 he stole from Medicare and Medicaid in that scheme.

A total of 17 conspirators have been locked up in this case alone. Here’s more:

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Famed ‘Cyber Porn’ Physician Released from Indian Prison After 13 Years

Doctor L Prakash
Doctor L Prakash

“The doctor joined forces with his brother, Pradeep Lakshmanan, who was an emigrant to the U.S. Together they created their own porn website,”

In the city of New Delhi India a physician who was once sentenced to life in prison was released by order of the Madras High Court last Saturday.

Doctor L Prakash, an orthopedic specialist, had been held in prison for 13 years after being found guilty in the infamous ‘cyber porn’ case. The High Court decided to modify the life sentence imposed on him by a lower court, and release him after time served. The decision was handed down by Justices S. Tamilvanan and C.T. Selvam, who said this:

“The appellant has undergone 13 years and 3 months of the sentence. Accordingly, the conviction imposed by the Additional Sessions Judge is reaffirmed. However, the sentence of imprisonment is modified.”

Drawing found by police when they raided Prakash' office. He had plans to publish porn novellas featuring his own 'artwork.'
Drawing found by police when they raided Prakash’ office. He had plans to publish porn novellas featuring his own ‘artwork.’

The doctor, who operated a clinic in the town of Anna Nagar, was found to have manipulated teenage girls and other young women. The prosecution proved that he would hold them against their will in farm houses and abuse them sexually, He would then routinely sell the pornographic images via his websites around the world.

Prakash, who was arrested in 2001, was initially given a life-term for multiple felonies including  Immoral Trafficking, as well as Indecent Representation of Women, for dispersing obscene pictures of females on Internet.

The surgeon was also serving a concurrent, 10-year sentence for heroin trafficking.

In handing down the original sentence, the original judge had stated that – due to the gravity of the offenses committed by the doctor – maximum punishment should be given to him and no leniency should be shown.

Apparently not. Not only is he now free, his websites are still up and making money.

Here’s another view of the case:

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How to Control High Blood Pressure? Take Charge of it Yourself

 TEA 2

More than one research study has shown that citizens with hypertension may well do themselves a huge favor by taking charge of their own treatment.

One of those, published last August in the Journal of the American Medical Association, discovered that mature patients in Great Britain who monitored their own blood pressure at home and then adjusted medications as needed, experienced lower hypertension, than those who made routine trips to their doctors’ office. Patient’s who self-monitored followed a pre-set treatment plan, but did not consult an MD when they made dosage changes.

Yet another study –  published a month earlier in the American Heart Association’s magazine Hypertension –  concluded that the use of home blood pressure monitors drastically cut unnecessary treatment; resulted in far fewer heart emergencies and saved thousands of dollars.

Here are 4 other ways to take charge of your own blood pressure:

Give a nod to yogurt. The probiotics in yogurt often ease blood pressure, according to Australian research. A few ounces a day will do the trick. Make sure the container label reads “active cultures.”

Double up on fruit and veggies. One essential mineral your body needs to maintain optimum blood pressure is potassium. A low potassium eating routine can be as dangerous as one that’s high in sodium. Lots of great foods pack a potassium punch. Think beans and avocadoes, bananas and nuts, melons and tomatoes, orange juice and raisins. And you don’t have to wait till the holidays to nibble on a sweet potato.

Take quick short walks. Three brisk walks a day – a study by Arizona State University discovered – is a great way to battle high blood pressure, more effective than a single, more strenuous hike.

Drink green and hibiscus teas. Excellent studies have shown that these teas can help lower blood pressure. Adult test subjects who drank three cups per day experienced an average of seven point B/P drops within 42 days. The teas were most effective in those with the highest hypertension. Their average systolic blood pressure drop was 13 points.

Sweet dreams.

Here’s one study worth knowing about:

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Physician Phunnies


At a traffic jam in the middle of town a driver leans out the window to ask a police officer what the holdup is.  “Some pediatrician just found out he’s going to jail for child molestation.  He’s broke and can’t make bail.  The guy’s so depressed he’s threatening to douse himself with gasoline and set himself on fire right in the middle of the street.  So people are going around taking up collections.”

“Unbelievable.  How much have the collected so far?”

“Folks are still siphoning, but I’d say they’ve got almost 100 gallons.”

*          *          *

A general practitioner and his wife are attending a group marriage seminar, dealing with communication. The speaker is stressing the importance of husbands and wives knowing what is really important to each other.

“For example,” the counselor says with a smile, looking at the doctor, “Sir, what’s your wife’s favorite flower?”

The doc leans over to touch his wife’s arm and whispers, It’s Pillsbury, isn’t it?”

The rest of the story gets ugly, so we’ll stop right here.

*          *          *

After school, a little girl goes home to tell her mother that a boy in her class had asked her to play doctor.

“Oh, Lord,” gasps the mom.  “Tell me exactly what happened.”

“Not much,” answered the girl.  “He made me wait 25 minutes at recess and then he came out and poked a popsicle stick in my mouth.”

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Doctors ‘Dumb & Dumber’


Dr Raymond Adamcik
Dr Raymond Adamcik

The Case of the Creepy Caped Clinician

           You probably heard the one about the bar-hopping geniuses in Florida, drunken doctors all, festooned as cartoon characters, just out for a good time. One of these guys, and that would be Dr. Raymond Adamcik, age 54, impressed nearly everyone at the On Tap Café that night, by demonstrating how quickly he could fly from superhero to super idiot. Clad in his skintight Captain America costume, Adamcik spied an attractive lady at the bar and knew just how to impress her.  Yep, the ol’ stuff-a-burrito-down-your-crotch, ploy. After which he proceeded to grope the young woman between her legs, and insist that she reciprocate.

Unfortunately the lady had a boyfriend, which meant Captain America went from upright to horizontal, followed by handcuffs and jail, with almost superhuman speed. A momentary delay did occur however, as the police determined just which of the five Captain America physicians was the real spandex miscreant. And doesn’t this make for a fascinating visual. They promptly convened a superhero lineup, where the victim pointed out the doctor do-bad with no problem at all.  He had that big lump in his tights, you see.  So he was charged with battery, resisting arrest, possession of marijuana (the smaller lump in his tights) and attempted destruction of evidence.

Adamcik eventually came out of the incident with only a few wrinkles in his cape, pleading guilty to a single misdemeanor of drug possession.  And in a surprisingly rare case of prescience by a medical employer, he was actually fired by the Melbourne, Florida Internal Medicine Group. Eventually his attorney successfully argued for expunging the criminal record, saying the doctor feared it might damage his clinical employment opportunities. Now there’s a lawyer who just hasn’t been paying attention. A doobie-toting, burrito-for-a-pee pee, vagina-groper in blue tights. On the Bell Curve of physician behavior, this act fails to merit more than a blip on a state medical board’s radar.

Here’s more:

If you enjoyed this story, order a copy of “America’s Dumbest Doctors” either hardcopy or Ebook.

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