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Houston ‘Ambulance’ Owners Charged in Massive Insurance Scam

The operators of KMD Healthcare Services in Houston Texas were handcuffed and taken to jail on May 24 on multiple Healthcare Fraud charges.  


According to U.S. Attorney Kenneth Magidson,  KMD owner Melvin Davies, age 28, and his brother Kevin Davies, age 27, illegally billed Medicare and Medicaid for ambulance transportation for years. It is believed the scam brought in nearly $6,000,000.

Federal prosecutors announced they are bringing a 20-count fraud indictment against the two. They believe the men perpetrated a health fraud conspiracy, by billing the government-funded health programs for ambulance services that were not medically needed and – in many cases – never actually happened.

 Investigators  learned that the Davies brothers  conducted an unprofessional transportation business out of their home, and falsified bills that indicated licensed ambulances were used, when in fact they moved patients in basic vans.

They also billed Medicare and Medicaid for services that were not detailed on ambulance run reports, which are legally required, to document patient’s symptoms and what treatments were provided during the trip to the hospital. They also inflated transportation mileage, according to prosecutors.

The brothers could get 10 years in federal prison and fines of $250,000.

The charges are the result of an investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Internal Revenue Service‘s Criminal Investigation and the Texas attorney general’s Medicaid Fraud Control Unit.

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‘No Units Available’ – America, Get Used to That Answer

This story just happens to be Detroit. But trust us when we reveal this: The cities with the worst human behavior, have THIS to look forward to. The problem does not start or end with EMS response times. The ugliness starts – and ends – the with breakdown of the family.

If your kid is not disciplined early and often at home; if your kid mouths off like an irritated truck driver on steroids; if your kid looks and acts like a street gangsta’ – only a fool blames cops, EMS and firefighters  for not fixing him. Or her. It’s your fault you have a broken kid.

It ain’t rocket science. Ask any farmer.

We are reaping exactly what we sow.

So get used to it America. The inevitable chaos is coming to a town near you.

Zimbabawe Authorities to the U.S. ‘Send the Doctor Back’

Dr Walter Palmer 'doing what I love'
Dr Walter Palmer ‘doing what I love’

“I have consulted with the authorities within the police force who are responsible for arresting the criminal. We have certain processes we have to follow. Police will take the first step to approach the prosecutor general who will approach the Americans. The process has already begun.” (Oppah Muchinguri, Zimbabwe Minister of Environment)


In the city of Harare the Zimbabwe government has voiced its first official comment on the killing of that country’s most famous lion. The Environment Minister, Oppah Muchinguri, said this at a highly anticipated press conference:

“Unfortunately it is too late to apprehend the foreign poacher. He had already absconded to his country of origin, We are appealing to the responsible authorities for his extradition to Zimbabwe so that he be held accountable.”

Earlier in the week Doctor Walter Palmer responded to the uproar by stating once again through his attorney that he had relied on the safari guides he’d hired to follow proper permit procedures to make the hunt a legal one. The guides – one a property owner near the game sanctuary and the other a professional hunter – were arrested last week on felony poaching charges and are now out on bail. The killing of the lion has generated worldwide outcry. In fact, in Bloomington Minnesota, Palmer’s dental clinic has remained closed because the doctor has gone into hiding.


A White House petition requesting that Palmer be extradited to Zimbabwe may receive a response from the Obama administration. The petition needed to receive 100,000 signatures by August 27 to get a response. It had more than 175,000 signatures by Friday afternoon.


The U.S. State Department confirms that as of the year 200, the United States and the Republic of Zimbabwe do have an extradition treaty protocol.

The killing and beheading of Cecil the lion hit headlines across the globe after the carcass was found on July 3. Palmer is believed to have shot the lion with a crossbow on July 1 on a farm near Hwange National Park, and then tracked the bleeding animal for nearly two days before killing him.

“500,000 people are calling for his extradition and we need this support. We want him tried in Zimbabwe because he violated our laws,” Muchinguri said.

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EMT in Detroit Refuses to Respond to Dying Infant Call

“Romeo 33, Medic 51. Be advised CPR is being performed on your scene. Romeo 33, Medic 51. CPR is being performed by the baby’s mother.” (Detroit EMS Dispatch)

In one of this nation’s most tortured cities a 10-year EMT has lost her job for her failure to do exactly what she was trained for, on Saturday, May 30.

Detroit Fire Department EMT Ann Marie Thomas’ refusal was documented on a 911 recording, when she answered the dispatcher that, “I’m not about to be on no scene 10 minutes doing CPR. You know how these families get.”

Thomas and her partner were approximately one mile away at the time. They were dispatched to resuscitate an 8-month old girl whose mother had called 911. The baby, born premature and on home oxygen to keep her alive, had apparently gone limp and was not breathing.

According to a Detroit city press release, the dispatcher can clearly be heard saying, “33, I’m going to need you to make that scene.” The dispatcher, who was in fact an EMS supervisor, repeated to Thomas,”You have to make patient contact.”

Investigators learned that Thomas, the senior EMT, pulled her EMS truck to the curb about one street away from the baby. The team typically responds to calls in an SUV as a “first response” unit, with a Paramedic ambulance to follow. But in this case, Thomas refused to go immediately to the child.

Detroit Fire Commissioner Edsel Jenkins reported this week that, “Ann Marie Thomas’s employment with the Detroit Fire Department has been terminated.”

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Did a Former Hospital Chief Steal Big Bucks from a Charity Fund?

Dr Bruce A Hagadorn
Dr Bruce A Hagadorn

In Newport Beach California a doctor was arrested yesterday on the charge of stealing $220,000 from a charity account, according to  the Orange County District Attorney’s Office.

Doctor Bruce A. Hagadorn, age 56, is also charged with eight counts of Failure to File tax returns.

Hagadorn, who once served on the Medical Executive Committee at Irvine Regional Hospital, was also the Chief of Staff at the now-closed facility

Before the closure 6 years ago, a charity fund was to be transferred to the Hoag Hospital Foundation. Hagadorn was directed to coordinate the money transfer. Instead, investigators say he wrote a number of checks from the account for his personal use. He withdrew large amounts of cash and deposited the money into his own clinic in Irvine.

Doctor Handcuffs

According to the complaint, Hagadorn then failed to file state income tax returns for about six years.

Hagadorn has been released on $200,000 bail and is scheduled to appear in Superior Court May 28. If convicted, he could get a 10-year state prison sentence.

Here’s more:

Our Take:

Bruce Hagadorn operates Canyon Pacific OB/GYN at 16300 Sand Canyon Avenue in Irvine, CA 92618. He may or may not be guilty as charged. But if he is, consider this: He will be merely one of 2,400 physicians convicted of felony-level behavior in any given year.

That’s 200 criminal doctors a month.

So you can stop wondering why any Paramedic might become a heretic.

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Question: So Which Profession Kills More Wives? You Tell Us

Utah Doctor Who Murdered His Wife Seeks Sentencing Delay

Dr John Brickman Wall
Dr John Brickman Wall

In Salt Lake City the lawyers representing a 51-year-old doctor found guilty of killing his ex-wife, have asked a 3rd District Court judge to delay his prison sentencing.

Doctor John Brickman Wall was expected to be sentenced last week for the death of Uta von Schwedler, whom police found dead in the overflowing bathtub of her home in 2011. The victim, age 49, was found with a lethal amount of Xanax in her system and a water-soaked photo album in the tub with her.

It took the three-woman, five-man jury seven hours to determine what the pathologist in the case could not – that Wall’s former wife did not commit suicide. Wall was arrested a year and a half after the body of his ex-wife was discovered.

Dr Uta von Schwedler
Dr Uta von Schwedler


The case against Wall, a pediatrician, was largely circumstantial. But Salt Lake County Deputy District Attorney Nicholas D’Alesandro convinced the jury that if they looked at the entire picture, they would see that Wall was guilty beyond any reasonable doubt in the killing of the University of Utah researcher.

Co-prosecutor Matthew Janzen focused on the trail of bloody shoe prints found in the victim’s kitchen, and other blood that had been partially cleaned up, which in the case of a suicide, he stressed, would make no sense.

In Janzen’s words, “The circumstantial evidence is overwhelming.”

The doctor was convicted in a jury trial last month of First Degree Murder.

According to court records, the county medical examiner was initially unable to determine von Schwedler’s cause of death. There was some question as to whether she might have committed suicide. But numerous family members and friends persuaded investigators to look deeper into the case. They pointed to Wall and the couple’s angry relationship, which continued years after their divorce.

Prosecutors argued that on Sept. 27, 2011, Wall injected von Schwedler with Xanax while she was asleep, then sat on her chest until she was unconscious. They believe he then placed her in the bathtub and filled it with water until she drowned. Von Schwedler was a very well-liked cancer scientist at the University of Utah with no signs of suicidal tendencies, and she had no prescription for Xanax.

In the weeks leading up to von Schwedler’s death, the couple had repeatedly argued over custody of their children.

Defense attorney Fred Metos asked that the sentencing be delayed until June in order to file several legal motions.

Here’s another view of this case:

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Paramedic Heretic: Psychiatrist and 27 Others Convicted in $50M Medical Theft Scam

Dr Gary Kushner
Dr Gary Kushner

The Medical Director of the Biscayne Milieu Health Center in Florida has been found guilty of massive healthcare fraud, in a scheme that robbed almost $50,000,000 from the federal Medicare insurance program.

Doctor Gary Kushner, a psychiatrist, along with 27 other employees of the Center, was convicted in one of the largest medical fraud conspiracies in history involving millions of dollars in illegal Medicare billing.

Biscayne Milieu Health Center is a mental health center located in Miami.  The co-conspirators routinely paid recruiters to find patients for its partial hospitalization program (PHP), which is an accepted mental health treatment protocol.

But investigators learned that most of the recruited patients were not eligible because they were substance abusers or had some other disqualifying condition. Numerous “patients” had no mental health condition at all.

Additionally, the so-called patients did not receive the patient care that the clinic said they did.

Investigators discovered that Medical Director Kushner did not treat “patients.” Instead he falsified medical records so that non-patients appeared as legitimate psychiatric care receivers.

Kushner also routinely signed medical charts without providing treatment, and Biscayne Milieu then billed Medicare for millions, as though he was the attending physician.

When Biscayne Milieu would receive  payments, clinic executives would launder the money through various accounts.

In the end, Daffy Doc Kushner was arrested; sent to trial; convicted and sent to federal prison for 12 years. A jaw-dropping 27 of his coworkers and employees have also been found guilty.

And some folks wonder why any Paramedic might become a heretic.

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