EMT in Detroit Refuses to Respond to Dying Infant Call

“Romeo 33, Medic 51. Be advised CPR is being performed on your scene. Romeo 33, Medic 51. CPR is being performed by the baby’s mother.” (Detroit EMS Dispatch)

In one of this nation’s most tortured cities a 10-year EMT has lost her job for her failure to do exactly what she was trained for, on Saturday, May 30.

Detroit Fire Department EMT Ann Marie Thomas’ refusal was documented on a 911 recording, when she answered the dispatcher that, “I’m not about to be on no scene 10 minutes doing CPR. You know how these families get.”

Thomas and her partner were approximately one mile away at the time. They were dispatched to resuscitate an 8-month old girl whose mother had called 911. The baby, born premature and on home oxygen to keep her alive, had apparently gone limp and was not breathing.

According to a Detroit city press release, the dispatcher can clearly be heard saying, “33, I’m going to need you to make that scene.” The dispatcher, who was in fact an EMS supervisor, repeated to Thomas,”You have to make patient contact.”

Investigators learned that Thomas, the senior EMT, pulled her EMS truck to the curb about one street away from the baby. The team typically responds to calls in an SUV as a “first response” unit, with a Paramedic ambulance to follow. But in this case, Thomas refused to go immediately to the child.

Detroit Fire Commissioner Edsel Jenkins reported this week that, “Ann Marie Thomas’s employment with the Detroit Fire Department has been terminated.”

Here’s another look at this regrettable case:


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