Germ Myths We Cling to Like . . . Well, Clingy Germs

Here are a few little goofy matters to think about this Holiday weekend:

Electric hand dryers in public restrooms are more sanitary than paper towels

Not in our opinion.

While we certainly tip our fedora to the eco-friendliness of these screaming meanies, we do not in any way believe they are as sanitary as using paper towels. More than a dozen  studies reveal that not only do blow dryers scatter bacteria all over the bathroom; they are resented by 50% of the folks faced with using them.

So the unintended consequence is? Well, millions of pee-peers every day, not washing their hands at all.


The Kitchen sink is the germiest thing in the house

Nope. The kitchen sink can indeed be a bacteria incubator, but it does get occasional splashes of soap and hot water. The biggest cootie culprits in town are can openers; rubber spatulas; blenders and the “crisper’ drawers in the refrigerator. And the critters on that frig handle could likely attack kittens on the front lawn.

Sponges are a bright idea when cleaning up

Not even close. Sponges might make you feel better by shining up the bigger cootie clumps, but they don’t seriously clean the countertop. They do give food germs a little recreational relocation. Think of your favorite sponge as an RV for bacteria.  The typical kitchen sponge can – and probably does – act as a nice open-top bus ride, for millions of germs just waiting for their next cruise across the counter.

Now, if you are totally in love with your sponges, at least zap them in the microwave now and then.

But by far your wiser choice is a fresh paper towel.

Antibacterial soap protects you from germs

Even hospital staff make this mistake. Of course, hospital ‘nosocomial’ infections kill 75,000 citizens a year. (We’ll do the easy math for you. That’s 200 dead people every day) So don’t look to your local hospital for advice on cleanliness. Big mistake.

Not one existing study shows that antibacterial gels are any more effective than good ol’ soap and water for washing hands, when it comes to protecting us from boogies.

So now you can relax an go grill something on the patio.

And we won’t talk about BBQ grill bacteria today. That would be un-American.

*          *          *

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