Doctors: So Which ‘Witch’ is Worse?

Witch Doctor Christopher Omigie
Witch Doctor Christopher Omigie

In Beaumont Texas a Nigerian “witch doctor” will spend the next 14 years in a Texas prison, after state law enforcement determined that he had amassed hundreds of thousands of dollars by offering ghostly protection for local drug pushers.

Christopher Omigie, age 58, who emigrated to the United States and set up residence in the city of Lafayette, Louisiana, was sentenced yesterday in Beaumont federal court. He had changed his “not guilty” plea to “guilty” in a narcotic distribution conspiracy.

According to U.S. Attorney John Bales, Omigie would routinely take cash and drugs in return for magic ointment massages; Tarot card readings; powders with supernatural powers and other items, to guarantee the drug dealers would be immune to the prying eyes of police.

The drug dealers under his “care” learned to talk to magic rocks and take no showers after their magic treatments in order to retain the potency of the magic. Magic “law stay away” candles were lit around them, to protect the drug traffickers from being caught by law enforcement.

Here’s another look:

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Our Take:

We have no problem at all with drug-dealing witch doctors being sent off to jail.

We do have serious concerns about the ridiculous U.S. Immigration system.

And we are flat-out appalled at why this sick twist gets 14 years for playing giddy ghost games while Conrad Murray got 24 months for killing Michael Jackson.

Does any of this make sense to you?

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