Did a Former Hospital Chief Steal Big Bucks from a Charity Fund?

Dr Bruce A Hagadorn
Dr Bruce A Hagadorn

In Newport Beach California a doctor was arrested yesterday on the charge of stealing $220,000 from a charity account, according to  the Orange County District Attorney’s Office.

Doctor Bruce A. Hagadorn, age 56, is also charged with eight counts of Failure to File tax returns.

Hagadorn, who once served on the Medical Executive Committee at Irvine Regional Hospital, was also the Chief of Staff at the now-closed facility

Before the closure 6 years ago, a charity fund was to be transferred to the Hoag Hospital Foundation. Hagadorn was directed to coordinate the money transfer. Instead, investigators say he wrote a number of checks from the account for his personal use. He withdrew large amounts of cash and deposited the money into his own clinic in Irvine.

Doctor Handcuffs

According to the complaint, Hagadorn then failed to file state income tax returns for about six years.

Hagadorn has been released on $200,000 bail and is scheduled to appear in Superior Court May 28. If convicted, he could get a 10-year state prison sentence.

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Our Take:

Bruce Hagadorn operates Canyon Pacific OB/GYN at 16300 Sand Canyon Avenue in Irvine, CA 92618. He may or may not be guilty as charged. But if he is, consider this: He will be merely one of 2,400 physicians convicted of felony-level behavior in any given year.

That’s 200 criminal doctors a month.

So you can stop wondering why any Paramedic might become a heretic.

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