Paramedic Heretic: Psychiatrist and 27 Others Convicted in $50M Medical Theft Scam

Dr Gary Kushner
Dr Gary Kushner

The Medical Director of the Biscayne Milieu Health Center in Florida has been found guilty of massive healthcare fraud, in a scheme that robbed almost $50,000,000 from the federal Medicare insurance program.

Doctor Gary Kushner, a psychiatrist, along with 27 other employees of the Center, was convicted in one of the largest medical fraud conspiracies in history involving millions of dollars in illegal Medicare billing.

Biscayne Milieu Health Center is a mental health center located in Miami.  The co-conspirators routinely paid recruiters to find patients for its partial hospitalization program (PHP), which is an accepted mental health treatment protocol.

But investigators learned that most of the recruited patients were not eligible because they were substance abusers or had some other disqualifying condition. Numerous “patients” had no mental health condition at all.

Additionally, the so-called patients did not receive the patient care that the clinic said they did.

Investigators discovered that Medical Director Kushner did not treat “patients.” Instead he falsified medical records so that non-patients appeared as legitimate psychiatric care receivers.

Kushner also routinely signed medical charts without providing treatment, and Biscayne Milieu then billed Medicare for millions, as though he was the attending physician.

When Biscayne Milieu would receive  payments, clinic executives would launder the money through various accounts.

In the end, Daffy Doc Kushner was arrested; sent to trial; convicted and sent to federal prison for 12 years. A jaw-dropping 27 of his coworkers and employees have also been found guilty.

And some folks wonder why any Paramedic might become a heretic.

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