Doctor Robert Neulander Trial: Who Said What

Robert Neulander and daughter Jenna
Robert Neulander and daughter Jenna

Now that this case is over – at least all but the sentencing, which is due on May 1 – some of you may be interested in the court testimony. Here is a list of key players and what they had to say while under oath:

Witnesses for the Prosecution

William McGarrity * EMS first responder. He was the first outsider to see the death scene
Jamie Piekowski & Valerie Fleming * Paramedics who assessed Leslie Neulander’s condition
Chase Bilodeau * First  police officer to arrive on-scene
Michael Kurgan * CSI technician
Doctor Robert Stoppacher * Medical examiner who initially ruled this an “accidental death”
Doctor Michael Baden * Forensic pathologist, testified that the decedent Leslie died as the result of a homicide, not a fall
Doctor Jan Leestma * Neuropathologist, testified that the physical injuries did not match a simple fall in a shower
Bozana Smith * Housekeeper stated the bed sheets had been changed by someone else
Officer Lucas Byron * CSI technician
Margaret Karim * Neulander friend who said Leslie once fell at a wedding
Sheila Gentile * DNA expert testified that the bedroom blood was Leslie’s
Karen Green * Blood spatter expert
Doctor Tracey Corey * Medical examiner from out of state, whose opinion was the death had to be at the hands of another person

Witnesses for the Defense

Joanne London  * Sister of Leslie Neulander
Philip Miller *  Close friend of the Neulanders
Ari Neulander * Adult son of the Neulanders
Paul Kish * Blood spatter expert, said evidence did not necessarily indicate a murder scene
Doctor Daniel Spitz * medical examiner who believes Leslie Neulander most likely fell in the shower
Terry Wilson * Leslie Neulander’s personal trainer
Jenna Neulander * Neulanders’ adult daughter and first person in the bathroom

(We are indebted to Syracuse Investigative Reporter Douglass Douty for his excellent coverage of this case)

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