Doctor Robert Neulander Found Guilty in Wife’s Murder

Dr Robert Neulander
Dr Robert Neulander

“When police arrived, they found the couple’s bedroom splattered with blood. Robert Neulander told investigators his wife had accidentally slipped while in the shower and he had carried her into the bedroom.”


In Syracuse, New York a superior court jury has just found Doctor Robert M. Neulander guilty of killing his wife. The jury – six women and six men – had been in deliberations over the past 4 days.

Neulander, a very well known ob/gyn specialist who is believed to have delivered thousands of babies in New York state, stared straight ahead as the verdict was announced. He was convicted of killing his wife and then altering the murder scene to make the death appear as a fall in the shower. He was found guilty of second-degree murder, as well as tampering with evidence.

Leslie Neulander was found dead by EMS medics and police on the morning of Sept. 17, 2012 in their DeWitt home.

Leslie Neulander in happier times
Leslie Neulander in happier times

The case was so unusual that the courtroom overflowed from the very beginning, to the point that a second courtroom was provided for the audience to watch the proceedings on a closed-circuit video screen.

Neulander, who will be held without bail until his sentencing next month, was handcuffed and taken away immediately.

Neulander’s daughter Jenna, age 25, testified that she was home on the day her mother died. She supported her father’s account that her mother had died in the shower.

The jury announced their verdict at 10:45 this morning, EST. Police officer presence was increased in the courtroom just before the verdict was read, with eight of them arriving in the small courtroom.

During happier times, Leslie Neulander was known to have taken the lead in numerous fundraising events at the Syracuse Hebrew Day School in DeWitt.

Her husband was involved with the Jewish Community Center, with a key role in the addition of the Center’s sports & fitness center, named after him.

Here’s another look at this case:

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