“America’s Dumbest Doctors” – Laugh, Cry, Get Smarter about Healthcare


Who do Paramedics turn their patients over to? Well, far too often, it’s these characters.


In this non-fiction study of physician misconduct, we learn for the first time what happens when a paramedic focuses his penlight on the idiocy around him and unleashes 30 years of note-taking. In America’s Dumbest Doctors, author Patrick McDonald has produced a book that literally no one else has dared to publish, detailing exactly who the ‘bad guys’ are: licensed professionals inappropriately held in such high esteem by the public.

McDonald, a traditionally trained EMS program graduate of UCSD School of Medicine in La Jolla, not only reveals first-hand instances of doctors behaving badly, but includes revelations from nurses, the media, and physicians, who themselves are so often embarrassed by their peers.

Consider the Arizona MD who – while facing 67 counts of sexually abusing his patients – announced in court, “Okay, so I’m not exactly Dr. Marcus Welby.”

Or take the East Coast doctor who stole a cadaver’s hand in order to impress a topless dancer. Or the Tennessee MD who wrote to Bank of America, “This person is dead. She is green and has maggots crawling on her. Stop asking about her status.”

A retired chief of medicine from San Diego said this: “McDonald breaks rank and names names. I wish I could report that these are merely a few far-out nutcases. I honestly cannot say that. And this fact alone makes his work, regrettably, important.”

The comedy of America’s Dumbest Doctors will entertain you. The sheer volume of idiocy will educate you. And the book itself will probably save lives.

*          *          *

     “Do not let the title fool you. The value of this book lies not only in its hilarious incidents (which are abundant), but in the truly bizarre antics by way too many healthcare practitioners (the sheer numbers are astonishing). The author invited medical professionals nationwide to speak their minds on quirky physician behavior, and yikes, did they ever. The result is an eye-opening view of doctors, which is just shocking.

“Each chapter takes a different viewpoint and in between are hundreds of actual news headlines, which advances the book’s scary premise: No other profession spawns more ludicrous conduct. There’s the highly-educated MD who tried to seduce a topless dancer with the severed hand of a cadaver; the famous diet doctor who spanked his nurse’s bare bottom with a riding crop when she ate something fattening; and on and on. It’s really a rollercoaster ride, so fasten your seatbelts! I had the pleasure of interviewing the author on my radio show.”

Jacqueline Marcell

– Jacqueline Marcell, Author ‘Elder Rage, or Take My Father… Please! How to Survive Caring for Aging Parents’, International Speaker on Eldercare & Alzheimer’s

*          *          *


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