Doctor Thomas Pfeiffer Explains His Case

Readers might have seen our article regarding Doctor Thomas A. Pfeiffer’s case in upstate New York recently. Doctor Pfeiffer responded to us and his letter is noted below in its entirety:

This is Dr Thomas Pfeiffer:SCALES JUSTICE

“There seems to be some misunderstanding regarding the outcome of my case. I would like to provide the readers with additional detail that may bring some clarity to the final disposition. Too many people have rushed to judgment in this case, basing their decisions on less than all of the facts. Once I describe these facts in detail, I will then kindly ask that you retract your article which is both inflammatory and damaging in nature.
“In regards to the event that took place in early December, it was a simple disagreement that escalated into a heated debate between myself and my significant other. I was then falsely accused of terrible acts of violence by the other party involved who was enraged and heavily intoxicated at the time. These false accusations of violence and strangulation were perpetrated against me in the heat of the moment with the intent to negatively affect my career and damage my reputation. There was no abortion attempt because she was never pregnant. What was disclosed during the investigation but not to the media were the two follow up pregnancy tests that were negative. The plan B pill was purchased at the other party’s request and voluntarily taken by her to ‘prevent pregnancy’ from unprotected sex the day prior. It was therefore used for its intended purpose which is to prevent pregnancy. There was no force, no violence and no abortive act took place. Again, these were false accusations. The woman involved became remorseful almost immediately after the fact and realized the serious ramifications of her actions. She later recanted all false allegations. This and other evidence that came to light during the investigation is what led the district attorneys office to the conclusion that what happened on that night in December was not criminal in nature. The charges were therefore reduced accordingly.
“In regards to the Evolve program, I volunteered for this class in an effort to show the district attorneys office that while I maintain my innocence in all charges, I have taken this legal process seriously. I am not a violent person and I never have been. In fact, I am a kind, caring individual and a compassionate physician. I am also a Christian, and therefore, abortion goes directly against my beliefs. I do not condone nor do I endorse abortion or abortive acts in any way.
“In regards to my relationship with the woman involved in this case, we reconciled immediately after this happened and have been doing very well together. After this unfortunate night in early December, she even hired legal counsel to help defend me. She stood by my side at every court appointment and made every effort to remove these false charges. The night in question was very much out of character for both of us. The final disposition was a victory for both of us. The “victim” was just as relieved as I was at the verdict. In her words, “it was answered prayer.”
“It is unfortunate that in our legal system, especially when the media reports on stories with very few facts, has a sensationalism agenda, and prefers to smear a persons reputation instead of protecting it, that it seems you are guilty until proven innocent. Even when the courts decide that you are innocent and reduce the charges accordingly, the media strives to put a person in the most negative light possible.
“I am requesting that you remove the inflammatory and accusatory article that you published a few days ago regarding this case. It is damaging in nature and the contents are unfounded and not factual.

Best Regards,
Doctor Thomas Pfeiffer

Our Observations:

After Doctor Pfeiffer contacted us we decided to call a law enforcement friend here in California. We asked him to reach out to his colleagues in Ulster County New York, where this case was brought to court. The end result is that those who investigated this domestic dispute have read the letter written above, and believe that “what happened in this case was very likely as the doctor described.”

Based on this, we have decided to delete the original article of March 12, and we will make no further mention of the incident.

Incidentally, here is an excellent medical reference site for all physicians – not just Doctor Pfeiffer – their services and professional and legal backgrounds. You will notice that in Doctor Pfeiffer’s case, there are no Sanctions; no Malpractice Claims; and no state medical board Actions:

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