Crash Involving Life Care Ambulance Kills 3

Read the “Paramedic Heretic” which devotes an entire chapter to ambulance crashes

In a Battle Creek Michigan tragedy 3 people were killed in a high-speed collision involving a Life Care ambulance last Tuesday morning.

The incident occurred at the intersection of North Avenue and Garfield, not far from Bronson Battle Creek Hospital, where the ambulance was headed when it was hit.

Battle Creek Police investigators report the ambulance was running with lights and sirens, transporting a patient undergoing CPR at the time.

A woman and a man in the car were killed in the collision. The patient in the ambulance also died. He was identified as 74-year-old David Simpson. The driver of the car was 61-year-old Shirley Stokes and her passenger was 54-year-old James Stokes.

A firefighter performing CPR on the patient in the ambulance was also taken to the ER with a concussion.

Investigators suspect that Shirley Stokes was speeding and possibly drunk when the crash happened.

“Upon initial investigation it appears the vehicle traveling westbound on Garfield, ran the flashing red light and struck the ambulance with a severe impact,” said Sgt. Todd Madsen of BCPD.

The Battle Creek firefighter involved, Mark Devriendt, posted this on Facebook Tuesday: “I would like to thank my fellow firefighters, Life Care Ambulance personnel and supervisor; my fire chief and battalion chief and our police officers for your support early this morning. We all made it out ok with some bumps and bruises but we’re ok. Thank you all so much.”

Police say the investigation will take weeks as they await toxicology reports on the driver.

Here’s the personal side of this tragedy:

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