Does ‘FDA Approved’ Mean ‘Safe?’ Are You Willing to Bet Your Life on it?

About 300 U.S. citizens died yesterday by taking prescription drugs. Another 300 will die tomorrow. You won’t hear anything about these poor folks. What you will hear, is all the yammering about the measles “epidemic.”


It is estimated that legal pharmaceuticals kill 1,500-2,000 citizens each week in this country. Yet they keep right on selling, just like any other product with a healthy profit margin. On this site we monitor the prescription drug mania, as well as the behavior of those who over-prescribe them, and the FDA who approves them. We post what we learn about the dangers facing Americans today as they take drugs prescribed by doctors and dispensed by pharmacies and clinics, dentists and hospitals.

Over the years we have worked with NBC’s Dateline investigations on several entirely outrageous medical-legal cases. Most recently, in 2012, we examined the seriously flawed drug study industry – the most preposterous of which exist in India:

“To test the integrity of those unregulated companies, Dateline set up a fictitious pharmaceutical company called Malum Kinetics. The company was little more than a $13-a-month homemade website, a post office box address in New York, business cards, cell phones and an answering machine. “

Next time you pop a pill into your mouth, think about this: potential drugs sent to the Federal Drug Administration for approval are “required” to be extensively tested – first in laboratories, then on animals. Lastly, they are tested on humans who volunteer to be subjects on these not-yet-approved chemical mixes. These are called “drug trials.” Possibly you’ve seen TV ads in search of volunteers.

All of which leads to the ugly subject of foreign country drug trial outsourcing. It is commonplace for the drug cartels to find other folks to actually do their drug trials. Why would that be?

The lengthy process of achieving FDA approval is far quicker and cheaper that way, and the under-educated don’t ask many questions about the little matter called “risk.” In some countries setting up an unregulated shop as a drug trial middleman is a cottage industry, where millions of dollars annually can be made.   Doing your drug trials overseas is a huge advantage to the cartels, who can, and do, pay foreign scam operators to do the testing on their own vulnerable people, with considerably less oversight than in the U.S.

So the drug cartels that we all know and love pay people off and get the test results they need to impress the FDA. They don’t have to get their hands dirty by running the tests, or finding the volunteers, or dealing with the sticky matter of clearing the poor volunteers under foreign law. When the volunteers get sick and die, they can pretend they know nothing about it.

Too often, the poor volunteers will say and do anything to get into these scam trials because they are living in poverty and need cash to survive. It is commonplace too, for them to sign up for several trials at the same time, which absolutely ruins any true assessment of the trial. When you are destitute you are scarcely concerned about future health risks, or how the dovetailing tests might skew test results.

What this means to you as a consumer- and we strongly suggest you watch Dateline’s report for details here – is that some drugs you may well be taking ought never be trusted in the first place.

Bottom line: Believing that a drug is “safe” simply because it is FDA-approved might well be your death sentence. Many, many drugs are initially approved and are subsequently pulled from the shelves years later after enough people are seriously injured or killed.

How many of us are killed by measles?

Why don’t you ask your doctor?

Here’s more:


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