The Paramedic Parallel Universe? Read the “Paramedic Heretic”

“As long as American medicine is allowed to hide its demons, it is naïve – more, it is stupid – for a populace to view its practitioners and managers as invariably altruistic.

Make no mistake. The gallimaufry of medicine has always engendered a fertile ground for capitalistic predators. It provides terrific niches for off-the-chart sociopaths. And too many of us who are not, have become ingeniously adept at hiding those who are. Paramedics are particularly guilty of willful ignorance. I should know. For decades, my silence cloaked as many scoundrels as anybody’s.”

(Excerpt, “The Paramedic Heretic”)

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a 30-year medic reveals a side of EMS you haven't heard
a 30-year medic exposes 10 Immutable Laws of Rescue EMS


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“We are indebted to Mr. McDonald’s research, as well as numerous
extraordinary cases brought to our attention over the years.”
David Muir and Elizabeth Vargas, Investigative Reporters
ABC’s 20/20 News Magazine

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“From ego-errors and tomfoolery, to greed, stupidity and murder – I’ve laughed and cried at McDonald’s astutely biting, at times hysterical view of my peer-group. His observations are disturbing, provocative and when you least expect it, uncomfortably funny.”

Lesley Miller, MD retired (former “Surgeon to the Stars”) USC School of Medicine, Los Angeles

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“We’re not here to denigrate health care workers. They have dedicated their lives to treating human suffering and they’re overworked. But I happen to be a pilot as well as an actor, and I can promise you there is a reason that flying a commercial airliner today is safer than hospitals. It’s because when an air accident happens, the NTSB jumps on it instantly and does not quit until they figure out what happened. They hide nothing. Warts and all, they make their findings public. That is exactly what Mr. McDonald does; exactly what health care in America desperately needs.

These things have got to change.”

Dennis Quaid, Actor, Health Care Activist Created the Quaid Foundation, after his twins babies nearly died from an accidental overdose in a hospital

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